As many of you will know be well aware, today the BBC unveiled what Jodie Whittaker would wear when she finally steps aboard the TARDIS for series 11 sometime in 2018.img_6441

While my initial thoughts on what the Doctor would wear in her new incarnation were a little off compared to what we eventually got, I don’t feel I was a million miles away… I could’ve been a lot closer though!

While fan reactions seem decidedly mixed at this point, I for one absolutely love the look. It’s easy to see the flare of earlier Doctor’s in the mix of this without deliberately referencing any one particular Doctor or piece. The use of colour is, frankly, genius, and I must say the silhouette (which long term readers know I find very important!) is certainly striking and memorable.

The Doctor wears a multi-striped top which features warm shades of mustard, burgundy, green, and blue (possibly others, it’s a tad difficult to tell from the image) which definitely calls to mind the warm 70’s colouring of Tom Baker’s famous scarf.

Original concept art by Patrick Goddard

The futuristic colour and cut of her coat definitely makes this outfit feel like a part of classic 80’s sci-fi which seems only too fitting for this itteration of the character. Indeed, I could definitely picture this incarnation of the eponymous Time Lord visiting some great retro time periods which would see her fitting in at times, and sticking out at others!

The trousers and braces are a great touch, neither decidedly masculine, nor feminine, they seem practical and comfortable with a great pop of colour – the combination of theses pieces paired with the retro striped colour palette definitely calls to mind Robin Williams’ as Mork from Ork – which is such a cool, niche reference.

The boots too make for a sturdy and sensible choice of footwear – much more practical than a pair of, say, Converse!

The detail of the costume is stunning too, the rainbow piping in the coat beautifully echoing the design of the shirt, while the mustard shade of the braces ties everything together really nicely. The chunky blue socks help to bridge the gap between the cuff of the trousers and the start of the boot – something I know many people have complained about, but as I tweeted earlier, this outfit is (somehow) simultaneously retro, “now”, and futuristic.

As far as I’m aware, at the time of writing, no positive IDs have been made for any of the pieces the Doctor is seen wearing here, but you could definitely sign me up for the braces and a t-shirt!

Kudos, as ever, to Ray Holman who designed this beautiful costume and can proudly addScreenshot 2017-11-09 at 16.20.27.png it to his ever-growing list of iconic designs.

Additionally, the TARDIS exterior has undergone a redesign and looks to be mostly inspired by the TV Movie version of the prop. I’m incredibly excited by this as I’ve been clamouring for a return of the smaller, more vintage iteration of the box for a long time.

What are your thoughts on the costume? Feel free to comment, Tweet, or get in touch via Instagram!


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