The “Menswear Edit” Thirteen

The “Menswear Edit” Thirteen

Hot off the heels of yesterdays announcement (my thoughts on which can be read here) I img_6441thought I’d do a rough and ready chuck together look book inspired by Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor.

This look is fantastic, as I’ve said elsewhere before, and it’s androgynous enough to work for either gender, so here I’ve presented a few close enough menswear alternatives to help evoke the notion of the now iconic image of Jodie Whittaker in character for the first time.

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The Thirteenth Doctor’s Costume Revealed!

The Thirteenth Doctor’s Costume Revealed!

As many of you will know be well aware, today the BBC unveiled what Jodie Whittaker would wear when she finally steps aboard the TARDIS for series 11 sometime in 2018.img_6441

While my initial thoughts on what the Doctor would wear in her new incarnation were a little off compared to what we eventually got, I don’t feel I was a million miles away… I could’ve been a lot closer though!

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The Thirteenth Doctor: A Concept

The Thirteenth Doctor: A Concept

Welcome to the universe, Jodie Whittaker!DE3naXKWsAE6Dzg.jpg

What an astounding piece of news, the future is female. I’m so thrilled that the show has finally made this step forward and I can’t wait to see what Jodie and Chris do with the show; I think we’re in for a real treat in the coming years and the 13th Doctor will certainly go down in history.

Speculation right now is rife as to what Jodie will do with the role and what sort of bearing her gender will have on the character. She’s already being put through the usual run of the mill questions regarding how it feels to be cast, what she’s excited about, and more importantly, what she’ll wear.

Obviously, I don’t tend to focus on women’s clothes on this blog but with the casting of Jodie I thought I’d turn my hand to designing the Doctor’s new look. Obviously, I’m almost certainly miles off and she could end up in something totally different – but this is just an initial musing on my part…

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Preparing to Say Goodbye to Twelve

Preparing to Say Goodbye to Twelve

At the time of writing there are only two episodes left for the twelfth Doctor. Tomorrow sees the finale of series 10 and then we have the Christmas special which will see Peter Capaldi exit the show by regenerating into an (as yet) unannounced actor or actress.

As I sit and type this on a breezy Friday morning, it suddenly strikes me just how unprepared I am to see the end of the twelfth Doctor’s era. Peter Capaldi has, without a shadow of a doubt, been one of the best things to happen to the show since its’ inception back in 1963. Capaldi’s performance has always been that of a true thespian; emotive, deep, layered, and complex. While other fan favourite Doctor’s only went skin deep with many of their more emotional scenes, Capaldi manages to illicit a real gut-wrenching emotional responses from the audience with the merest look.

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Doctor Who Tributes from Mrs Bow Tie

Doctor Who Tributes from Mrs Bow Tie

It was my birthday the other day! I had an amazing time and was spoilt rotten – aside

Yours truly giving it my best “Time Lord Hand” post at the DWE.

from going to Cardiff to visit the Doctor Who experience (which was amazing!) and getting the Wand Company Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (which is awesome!) and having an all round brilliant time, I was lucky enough to get two brand spanking new bow ties from the wonderful Mrs Bow Tie.

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The Bespoke Experience: Three Piece Donegal Tweed

The Bespoke Experience: Three Piece Donegal Tweed

As those who follow me on Twitter will know, I’m getting married in December!

It’s all very exciting and there’s lots of odd jobs still left to do, but recently I got to tick off a big part of my personal to-do list.

Donegal tweed swatch.

The other week I collected my three piece Donegal tweed suit from my tailor in Lincoln. I originally visited Andrew J Musson Bespoke in March to choose my fabric and order the suit which is a very generous wedding present from my Dad and his wife.

My first visit was rather daunting as I only had a vague idea of the sort of thing I wanted. Originally I’d planned for a Blackwatch tartan suit in a much more classical style but, upon talking to Andrew, my fianc√©, and my Dad I opted for something a bit more appropriate for a winter wedding in the country.

My partner and I looked through about seven different books of fabric samples before narrowing it down to three (very different!) fabrics, one was a heavyweight wool in navy with a classic chalk stripe, the second was a brown and beige herringbone, and the third was the beautiful Donegal tweed I eventually chose.

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(Reader Suggestion) Time Differential: Ten to Twelve

(Reader Suggestion) Time Differential: Ten to Twelve

Recently, @DaveceptionYT – a friend of AAWTIS and loyal reader of the blog – got in touch and suggested a Time Differential post combining the looks of the tenth and twelfth Doctors.

Not wanting to disappoint such a stand up chap, I naturally jumped at the chance to come up with a look book to combine these two iconic Time Lords.

Ten to Twelve.jpg

The basic design for this look is taking the shape, silhouette and pieces of Twelve’s ‘Space Hobo’ aesthetic and twisting them to match the colour palette of Ten’s blue suit variant.

The pinstripe jeans are a unisex style from Topshop and are available on eBay. Sadly, these seem to be a one off pair left in the overstocks. Alternatively, a pair of blue (or brown) chinos, either striped or otherwise), would work just as well.

The boots are a fantastic pair of Doc Martens Mayports in canvas twill. These are burgundy, in order to reference Tennant’s deep red converse worn with the blue suit but they also come in cream if you wanted to do a brown suit version of this look book!

The jumper I’ve selected is the blue version of the BooHooMan holey jumper I’ve mentioned before; I own this jumper myself and it’s absolutely fantastic – it’s comfortable, well made, dirt cheap, and makes a great substitute for the Paul Smith original – they’re out of stock in black but the blue works especially well with this colour palette. To go with this, I’ve selected a burgundy long sleeve t-shirt from Topman – the burgundy showing through the holes in the jumper make a neat reference to the rust pinstripe on the screen used suit.

The hoodie is a terrific burgundy version of the Fat Face hoodie I’ve shown before and helps to tie the whole look together.

I’ve chosen a pair of tortoiseshell RayBan wayfarers in order to reference both Ten’s brainy specs and Twelve’s sonic sunglasses – these are available from lots of retailers, but cheaper alternatives are everywhere at the minute so be sure to check your local high street to grab a bargain!

Lastly, the coat featured is a beautiful mash-up of Twelve’s Crombie style with Ten’s overcoat colours; it even has a great blue lining! The coat’s even in the sale at the minute for ¬£150.

What do you reckon? How would you mash up these two styles? Be sure to send in any suggestions or requests via Twitter!

Save the Arctic with Doctor Who & Greenpeace

Save the Arctic with Doctor Who & Greenpeace

gallery-showbiz-save-the-arctic-greenpeace-campaign-6-1.jpgThe ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign is one that’s been running for a while, but recently came to my attention when, researching images for this very blog, I came across this photo of Peter Capaldi wearing this very spiffy t-shirt.

Upon clicking said image, I was graced with several Doctor Who stars all sporting the same shirt.

Delving deeper, I discovered the shirts were designed by Vivienne Westwood and are available on the designers’ site here. The shirts were designed to promote awareness of (and to raise money to combat) climate change. We’re all too aware of what climate change is doing to our planet and making just a few small changes to our lifestyles can have a huge impact on our carbon footprints.

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The “Series 10” Twelve (V2 & V3)

The “Series 10” Twelve (V2 & V3)

Hello Pudding Brains!

Here’s another look-book for you. This one focuses on the other outfits Peter Capaldi has been seen sporting while filming the first few episodes of series 10. Personally, I love the mashed up, thrown together nature of these costumes and think they really strike a nice balance between the formality of the series 8 look, the slouchiness of the series 9 look, and the quirkiness of the burgundy velvet.

Capaldi’s two more casual outfits, featured here, are a little more reminiscent of the holey jumper looks from previous years, while also adding something new into the mix. It’s believed the jumper is a new one, without holes and a slightly looser fit, and the waistcoat and t-shirts are all a little out there too.

I’ve found some pretty good substitutes for some of these pieces and combined them in a way that’s not only very Doctory, but pretty on-trend too.

[Featured image via Twitter]

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The “Series 10” Twelve

The “Series 10” Twelve

It’s all gone a bit Capaldi mad recently!

As series 10 moves forward with production, the internet has been flooded with pictures from filming. Fans have been lucky enough to snap some brilliant photographs of Peter Capaldi and co on set and, unsurprisingly, the Doctor’s costume has undergone some subtle yet extensive changes.

(Featured photo via Twitter)

Firstly, and most noticeably, the Doctor has a new coat! This one is incredibly different to his previous two coats in as much as this one is cut more like a single breasted frock coat than a crombie. The lining in this one is a quite bright electric blue, and the Doctor mixes up his two different styles by combining the formality of his Budd shirt, with the casual qualities of a new All Saints hoodie.

For all intents and purposes, the rest of the costume looks relatively unchanged, but the new direction has proved divisive amongst fans and cosplayers alike. Some love the look, others aren’t so keen. I for one, love this combination and am proud to say I’d been wearing the shirt and hoodie combination for quite a while before series 10 started filming, so I’m feeling a bit smug right now!

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