The “Menswear Edit” Thirteen

The “Menswear Edit” Thirteen

Hot off the heels of yesterdays announcement (my thoughts on which can be read here) I img_6441thought I’d do a rough and ready chuck together look book inspired by Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor.

This look is fantastic, as I’ve said elsewhere before, and it’s androgynous enough to work for either gender, so here I’ve presented a few close enough menswear alternatives to help evoke the notion of the now iconic image of Jodie Whittaker in character for the first time.

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The Thirteenth Doctor’s Costume Revealed!

The Thirteenth Doctor’s Costume Revealed!

As many of you will know be well aware, today the BBC unveiled what Jodie Whittaker would wear when she finally steps aboard the TARDIS for series 11 sometime in 2018.img_6441

While my initial thoughts on what the Doctor would wear in her new incarnation were a little off compared to what we eventually got, I don’t feel I was a million miles away… I could’ve been a lot closer though!

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The Thirteenth Doctor: A Concept

The Thirteenth Doctor: A Concept

Welcome to the universe, Jodie Whittaker!DE3naXKWsAE6Dzg.jpg

What an astounding piece of news, the future is female. I’m so thrilled that the show has finally made this step forward and I can’t wait to see what Jodie and Chris do with the show; I think we’re in for a real treat in the coming years and the 13th Doctor will certainly go down in history.

Speculation right now is rife as to what Jodie will do with the role and what sort of bearing her gender will have on the character. She’s already being put through the usual run of the mill questions regarding how it feels to be cast, what she’s excited about, and more importantly, what she’ll wear.

Obviously, I don’t tend to focus on women’s clothes on this blog but with the casting of Jodie I thought I’d turn my hand to designing the Doctor’s new look. Obviously, I’m almost certainly miles off and she could end up in something totally different – but this is just an initial musing on my part…

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Preparing to Say Goodbye to Twelve

Preparing to Say Goodbye to Twelve

At the time of writing there are only two episodes left for the twelfth Doctor. Tomorrow sees the finale of series 10 and then we have the Christmas special which will see Peter Capaldi exit the show by regenerating into an (as yet) unannounced actor or actress.

As I sit and type this on a breezy Friday morning, it suddenly strikes me just how unprepared I am to see the end of the twelfth Doctor’s era. Peter Capaldi has, without a shadow of a doubt, been one of the best things to happen to the show since its’ inception back in 1963. Capaldi’s performance has always been that of a true thespian; emotive, deep, layered, and complex. While other fan favourite Doctor’s only went skin deep with many of their more emotional scenes, Capaldi manages to illicit a real gut-wrenching emotional responses from the audience with the merest look.

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Peter Capaldi: Style Icon

Peter Capaldi: Style Icon

It’ll come as no surprise to the readers of this humble blog, that I’m a big fan of Peter Capaldi. His work both on screen and off is always a joy and his take on the Doctor is one of my all time favourites – in addition to this, he’s not only a brilliant actor, director, and gentleman, but a snazzy dresser.

Capaldi clearly brought his unique sense of style Doctor Who when he took on the lead role, and over the course of his tenure, we’ve seen an interesting style revolution; he’s moved from minimalist ‘rebel Time Lord’ to cosmic hobo and into a neo-dandy with an interesting sense of the bohemian to it.

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A Good Enough Holey Jumper Substitute

A Good Enough Holey Jumper Substitute

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know about this brilliant substitute for Peter Capaldi’s Paul Smith Holey Jumper I’ve just ordered!mzz79860_blue_xl.jpg

Unfortunately it’s now out of stock in black so I had to order blue, but at £6 it’s fine for me for everyday wear – I might dye it if I can be bothered, but to be honest, the blue looks good enough for me and it’s not really for cosplay so we’ll see how I feel when it arrives!

I bought mine from the eBay account as it’s £2 cheaper on there than it is on the site and they still have a few sizes available.

If you look on the site, however, some larger sizes are still available in black, so shop around to see what you can find!

Obviously, this one doesn’t have all the details that the screen used jumper does, but it’s definitely a step up from cutting your own holes in a cheap top.

I’ll post some photos of mine when it arrives, but if you’re thinking about getting one, I wouldn’t dawdle with it – I doubt they’ll hang around and I suspect it was Doctor Who fans that caused them to sell out in black!


The Doctor as a Fashion Icon

The Doctor as a Fashion Icon

IMG_20160613_103621.jpgToday I’m wearing an outfit that, to fans of Doctor Who, will look overtly inspired by Peter Capaldi’s interpretation of the title character. To non-Whovians it’ll look, perhaps, quite dandy and fashion forward – more at home in London, Paris, or New York than on the rainy streets of a rural town in Lincolnshire.

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A Slight Change in Direction

An Adventure With Ties In Space Header

Hello chums!

First of all, allow me to say thank you to all of you who read my blog, either through subscribing, or by stumbling across it – it really does mean a lot.

Secondly, I’d just like to make all you lovely folks aware of the slight direction shift the blog will be going through…

When I originally dreamt this little project up I did so after coming up with the title; having always been a geek with a love of good clothes, I’ve often sported looks similar to those featured on the blog. That said, my geekiness doesn’t stop at my love of Doctor Who and I doubt yours does either.

The more eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that I’ve been creating look-books based on other sci-fi and pop culture characters more and more frequently lately; this is mainly due to running out of Doctor Who related looks (though more will be coming, I promise you!) and partly down to the fact that, what with no Doctor Who this year, new inspiration is scarce.

These reasons are what’ve inspired me to openly change the focus of the blog to include, not just Doctor Who, but all of pop culture and sci-fi. This means you’ll be seeing look-books from farther afield.

Be sure to leave me any suggestions, either in the comments or via Twitter (@AAWTIS) and let me know what sorts of content you’d like to see in the coming months.

Don’t panic, the blog will still look and feel the same, same name, same design, same nerd writing it – just a wider range of focus!

Thanks guys, lots of exciting things to come.

Geeky T-Shirts

Geeky T-Shirts

As the warmer months approach it’s perhaps prudent to start thinking of ways of displaying fashionably geeky tendencies while remaining suitably cool.

I’ve addressed this issue by offering spring-time Doctor inspired outfits such as my fifth Doctor inspired looks (here, and here) and my seventh Doctor look-book. Alternatively, stylish printed t-shirts are an ever-popular way of remaining comfortable yet nerdy at the same time. Continue reading “Geeky T-Shirts”

#WAYWT: An Elementary Choice

#WAYWT: An Elementary Choice

A very happy new year to all of the loyal AAWTIS readers! I’m terribly sorry to say that, due to illness, I haven’t been able to assemble a full look-book for this week.

That said, I have been able to assemble this micro-update for you, following on from the Elementary inspired look-book we posted a couple of weeks ago.


If you follow AAWTIS on Twitter, you may remember that I recently

Elementary Collage.jpg
My Orange/Green Scarf (Left) & Miller’s Red/Grey Scarf (Right)

acquired the Paul Smith reversible scarf seen in the earlier episodes of the show, but in what appears to be a different colour configuration. The scarf in the show is a red and grey buffalo plaid whereas mine is an orange and green buffalo.

From my research, it seems that Paul Smith Jeans only released the two variants of this scarf.

If you’re looking to pick up one of these, it’s wise to try your luck on eBay, as I found mine on there and managed to snatch it up for a measly £9.99.

350516441D3The coat pictured is a relatively inexpensive New Look Men coat which, though originally priced at a very reasonable £59.99, is now on sale for £24! If you’re in the UK, I’d highly recommend picking one up as it’s a terrific coat and looks amazing dressed up or down.

While it offers many similar details to Miller’s on-screen coat, it’s by no means the same. It’s a very slim cut, especially in the arms, but offers a great degree of comfort and durability for very little money.

The pin I wear on my lapel in this image is one that was given to me as a Christmas gift and, while it’s not at all like the pin worn by Holmes in the show, it’s much more personal to me and gives the look a more realistic and everyday feel.

Lapel pins are a brilliant way to dress up your everyday coat so keep your eyes peeled for ones you like or have a special connection to you.

What do you reckon? Would you wear something like this? Let us know in the comments!