Hot off the heels of yesterdays announcement (my thoughts on which can be read here) I img_6441thought I’d do a rough and ready chuck together look book inspired by Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor.

This look is fantastic, as I’ve said elsewhere before, and it’s androgynous enough to work for either gender, so here I’ve presented a few close enough menswear alternatives to help evoke the notion of the now iconic image of Jodie Whittaker in character for the first time.

The Menswear Edit Thirteen.jpg

Jumping straight in, in place of the weirdly retro/futuristic coat Jodie sports, I’ve opted for a grey long-line hoodie. I own this exact hoodie in black and it’s really comfortable and slouchy and flares enough at the shoulders to give a similar silhouette to the Doctor’s new coat. This is available from H&M.

Also from H&M are the slim blue chinos shown here. Alternatively, any pair of blue chinos will do as finding a pair in a closer shade to the ones worn has proven fairly tricky. Be sure to turn up the hems of these to the top of the boots!

Speaking of the boots, it’s tricky to make out the exact details on the screen worn boots but I’ve opted for a fairly plain pair of Hudson boots in brown leather. The slightly distressed detailing lends to the slouchy, comfortable nature of the costume and they’re sure to be a decent enough quality – similarly a pair of brown military boots or Dr Martens would work just as well.

The socks chosen are a similar blue and white pattern to the ones worn in the photograph, but I suspect Jodie’s are a simple blue and white stripe as opposed to the zig-zag shown here. These rather fancy socks are by Paul Smith, but cheaper alternatives would work just as well.

The braces proved to be the trickiest thing to find a decent alternative, which is why I’ve selected a striped pair in muted earth tones in order to best reference the jazzy mustard ones shown in the promo image. While I searched for quite a while to find a similar set, I couldn’t come up with anything in a close enough shade of yellow. The ones shown here are from British Braces, but by all means, most button braces would work as a sensible alternative.

Saving the best for last, the T-shirt is a really neat little alt for the one seen in the photo and is by a company called Run & Fly. I’ve seen some similar offerings for both men and women on the Urban Outfitters website too so be sure to check those out for similar styles.

What do you think to Jodie’s costume? Would you wear something like this? Get in touch in the comments, on Twitter, or Instagram!



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