With series 9 well under way and the Autumn months at our doorsteps, it’s perhaps prudent to take a gander at how to best combine the layered looks Capaldi has sported in his performance as the Doctor and how to best combine them to create something recognisable, but ultimately unique.

Between series 8 and 9 of Doctor Who there was a changeover of costume designers. Series 9 saw the return of Ray Holman who took it upon himself to build on Capaldi’s series 8 costume by updating, deconstructing, or generally just reinventing certain aspects of the look.

Indeed, one of the earlier posts on this very blog took a look at an outfit inspired by the new, more casual look worn by Capaldi on the show.

The new entry, however, treads the middle ground between the pared down and simple look of series 8, and the slightly more interesting (if somewhat affectatious) look of series 9.

The Series 8.5 Twelve

Taking the more formal elements of Capaldi’s wardrobe from series 8 and (we believe) later on in series 9, this lookbook focuses on pulling together all the more interesting elements.

Firstly, the coats featured are two with a similar cut to Capaldi’s screen-worn coats though, obviously, not totally the same. Replicas of the actual coats are available on eBay though quality varies and it can often be a lottery as to whether or not you find a seller with a good eye for detail. Alternatively, you could commission a local tailor to make one for you but this can prove costly.

If, however, you want to capture the essence and silhouette of the twelfth Doctor’s look you can always go for either or the options presented here. The navy option is from Next and features a similar overall shape and style to the screen-used crombie. Priced at only £99 it won’t break the bank and will definitely be a good winter coat, though it does appear to be a little underwhelming. For a slightly more out-there version with a red lining, take a look at this option on eBay – these are available in black, grey, or a nice midnight blue but the buttons are, unfortunately hidden beneath a concealed placket.DSC_0078 (1)

For those that are fond of the soon to be seen burgundy velvet option, the featured offering from Asos would make a welcome addition to your collection! Though the Asos coat is a burgundy wool, it does bear an undeniable resemblance to the one Capaldi was seen wearing during filming for series 9. Further to this, if worn with a mixture of hoodies, henleys and jumpers, this would also be reminiscent of the sketches featured in the DWM interview with Ray Holman.

Though the lining can’t be seen in the photos on the site, the overall look is very effective! It comes in a plethora of sizes and, best of all, is only £90. If you wanted to, you could have a local alterations tailor add the red lining and cuff buttons to make it a pretty viable, yet cost-effective, option!

Capaldi’s formal shirts have fallen by the wayside so far in series 9 and, when the velvet coat does make it’s appearance, it seems to be paired with a plain white shirt with French cuffs (virtually identical to his original on-screen shirt). The more interesting shirts he sported at various points throughout series 8 still make a very stylish statement.

The first shirt variation presented is the midnight blue/navy option seen in ‘Time Heist’ – the on-screen shirt caused so much confusion as to whether it was black or blue that fans to this day dispute it. However, personally I believe it’s midnight blue and that (as it so often does) the camera tricked the audience’s eye. The blue shirt shown here is a beautiful navy option by Burton – I actually own this shirt and can say that the fit and quality is superb, especially coming from a mass-market high street store.

The burgundy option was worn by Capaldi in ‘Robot of Sherwood’ and makes a really nice contrast with the blue wool and red silk of his coat. This one is an item I found on eBay and seems to feature a nice point/spread hybrid collar than most modern shirt options.

The last (and most interesting) shirt option is the polka dot variation seen briefly in ‘Kill the Moon’ – this shirt immediately caught my eye when the episode first aired and I loved the vintage 60’s feel it leant the Doctor’s outfit. The one presented here is a beautiful and high-quality offering from mod clothing company Relco. The company specialises in 60’s style clothing and even has a nice range of slim fit trousers (which would make good Capaldi substitutes!). The shirt does, unfortunately, feature a button down collar but due to the white buttons this tends to blend in to the white polka dot background.

Again, I own this shirt and it’s easily one of my favourites!

The trousers Capaldi wears are often of a slim/tapered fit and have now been seen in a wide array of patterns and colours. His series 9 trousers have mainly been checks and tartans with the navy and peach trousers being identified as (and offered by!) Mendoza Menswear. These will cost you a cool £180 but will easily be worth it in terms of quality and service. Alternatively, we’ve selected a few different options from high street manufacturers.

The blue pair, most similar to the series 8 trousers, are Burton and boast the trademark slim fit Capaldi’s trousers usually feature. The Blackwatch tartan pair are by Noose & Monkey through Topman and offer a really cool selection of details from across Capaldi’s wardrobe – Topman sizing tends to run small though so to get the slim-yet-somewhat-loose look Capaldi’s have perhaps try sizing up.

The grey checked trousers are actually chinos. Again, by Topman these may need to be sized up and make a nice alternative to the Mendoza trousers – These’ll work well with formal and casual 12th Doctor inspired outfits due to their chino styling and soft construction.

In terms of cardigans, it’s well known that Capaldi’s series 8 cardigan was a John Smedley and this offering is no different. This one is a slightly different cut to the original screen worn option but it makes a nice callback to the short-lived wardrobe staple sported by the Time Lord.

Of course, your favourite cardigan or waistcoat would work just as well. It’s always a good idea to mix and match styles from Capaldi’s on and off screen wardrobe as he’s become a style icon in his own right recently. His old/young style makes a really cool modern statement that most men could do to emulate.

The boots presented are the (now) screen accurate Dr Martens Affleck boot. These work well in black but the burgundy brown is also a really lovely option if you find the over-reliance on dark colours a bit much for your tastes. These are available all over the internet so just do a Google search and you can find them at a myriad of prices from various online retailers. Shop around and you’ll find a good deal!

Alternatively, a standard pair of boots with Air Wair soles work too, or a pair of brogue Air Wair shoes are a slightly dressier alternative – these are on eBay for £25!

The ring is just a cheap offering from Topman but features a similar ‘two ring’ effect as the Doctor’s ring – it also has the added benefit of looking like it could be a part belonging to the sonic screwdriver… Unfortunately, for those looking for something more accurate the highly praised Magnoli option is now unavailable. Fortunately, this similar offering from ShawThings Jewellery on Etsy is of superb quality and reads very well. I own a similar ring from this seller and they’re absolutely beautiful pieces!

So what do you think? There’s plenty to think about here! Would you wear something based on Peter Capaldi’s wardrobe? Let us know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “The “Series 8.5” Twelve

  1. What happened to Peter’s hand? I can’t recall an episode in 8 or 9 where he is injured. The superior Time Lord genes didn’t kick in that time? 😊


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