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Here’s another look-book for you. This one focuses on the other outfits Peter Capaldi has been seen sporting while filming the first few episodes of series 10. Personally, I love the mashed up, thrown together nature of these costumes and think they really strike a nice balance between the formality of the series 8 look, the slouchiness of the series 9 look, and the quirkiness of the burgundy velvet.

Capaldi’s two more casual outfits, featured here, are a little more reminiscent of the holey jumper looks from previous years, while also adding something new into the mix. It’s believed the jumper is a new one, without holes and a slightly looser fit, and the waistcoat and t-shirts are all a little out there too.

I’ve found some pretty good substitutes for some of these pieces and combined them in a way that’s not only very Doctory, but pretty on-trend too.

[Featured image via Twitter]

The Series 10 Twelve V2 & V3.jpg

The staples of these two outfits are featured on the left, while the two variations are sectioned off on the right.

Some of these pieces are different to my original series 10 look-book – this is just to give you guys some options, any of the pieces chosen would work just as well, so feel free to mix it up.

The black velvet jacket this time is from Tailor4Less and looks very smart. I don’t own anything from this particular company so I can’t attest to the quality, but I’ve heard good things. They also do a very smart burgundy jacket if you fancied doing a later series 9 look too.

The chinos are a pair of navy blue slim fit from Burton and really look the part – they’re currently in the sale for a tenner but sizes are selling out fast! Alternatively, check back to my first series 10 look for a great pair of Next chinos that will work just as well.

The shoes are Doc Martens 3989 Brogues, as fans will know how difficult it is at the moment to get the Affleck boot in any decent sizes, and in black! The shoes offer many of the same style beats as the boots while being a little bit cheaper and more readily available – I also find the shoes more comfortable during warmer months.

The jumper is by H&M and fans of my blog will know that I own several of these neat little

Photo via Twitter

jumpers. They’re really lightweight and comfortable and can be worn with layers or just on their own. I originally bought mine as a very basic holey jumper substitute but it now seems that the Doctor is wearing something incredibly similar – I feel like I was pretty ahead of the curve on that one!

The first variation is the all burgundy version; this one features a deep red t-shirt, (this one’s from Topman) and a burgundy hoodie (this one’s from Next) – this look is the most basic of his new looks as it’s really similar to some of the darker, more pared down looks from series 9.

The t-shirt I’ve chosen is a long long fit, this means it’ll be slightly slimmer and longer in the body that a standard t-shirt – this is to ensure your shirt peeks out from underneath your jumper like Capaldi’s does, without needed to constantly tug or rearrange the layers of your outfit.

Photo via Twitter

The second variation is an all blue look. This one substitutes in an electric blue t-shirt (this from from Topman, again) and a John Lewis waistcoat. Fans were quick to identify the screen accurate waistcoat and, as a result, it’s now sold out! I’ve found this pretty decent alternative from White Stuff which offers many of the same details.

I’ve not featured a hoodie for this look as I feel it works better without; that said – if you’d prefer a hoodie, any of the ones featured for the Capaldi looks would work, or this one from Fat Face is one I happen to own and can vouch for its’ comfort and quality. The photographed hoodie is, I believe, the racing green All Saints hoodie, but it definitely reads more as grey to my eye!

What do you think to these looks? Would you wear something like this? Let us know in the comments!


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