It’s all gone a bit Capaldi mad recently!

As series 10 moves forward with production, the internet has been flooded with pictures from filming. Fans have been lucky enough to snap some brilliant photographs of Peter Capaldi and co on set and, unsurprisingly, the Doctor’s costume has undergone some subtle yet extensive changes.

(Featured photo via Twitter)

Firstly, and most noticeably, the Doctor has a new coat! This one is incredibly different to his previous two coats in as much as this one is cut more like a single breasted frock coat than a crombie. The lining in this one is a quite bright electric blue, and the Doctor mixes up his two different styles by combining the formality of his Budd shirt, with the casual qualities of a new All Saints hoodie.

For all intents and purposes, the rest of the costume looks relatively unchanged, but the new direction has proved divisive amongst fans and cosplayers alike. Some love the look, others aren’t so keen. I for one, love this combination and am proud to say I’d been wearing the shirt and hoodie combination for quite a while before series 10 started filming, so I’m feeling a bit smug right now!

The Series 10 Twelve.png

I absolutely love the look I’ve assembled for you guys here and will definitely be wearing variations of it before long.

Firstly, in place of the frock coat, I’ve offered up this French Connection velvet blazer. The black velvet calls to mind the screen-worn coat without being as eccentric; it’s currently in the sale for only £88 (down from £220!) and is available in loads of sizes. Alternatively, be sure to check out your local vintage shops to see if you find yourself a bargain.

Fans were quick to identify the hoodie worn by Capaldi as the All Saints Clash Hoodie in Racing Green. Unfortunately it’s no longer available in Racing Green, but is available in Olive Green. Alternatively, I’ve found this River Island number in a similar colourway – more options are available to you though, so shop around or use what you already have!

It’s believed that the waistcoat is the same TM Lewin waistcoat as in series 9 (which isn’t available any longer) so I’ve found this similar one by the same brand with a rather fetching deep red lining! Obviously, any dark coloured waistcoat would work as well, or you may already have a good Capaldi style waistcoat in your wardrobe. Again, vintage shops, eBay, and charity shops are always a good place to look!

The shirt shown here is one I’m particularly enamoured with; it’s an all white version of the polka-dot shirt by Relco that I’ve featured before. I’ve chosen this as a much more affordable substitute for the Budd shirt due to the long point collar that are so hard to come across these days. Unfortunately, this is a button down collar, so may not be suitable for cosplay, but for everyday wear it’s perfectly serviceable.

I love Relco products and must say their quality is stunning for the relatively low price point and I may well have to order one of these white shirts for myself!

The trousers presented here are a pair of slim stretch chinos by Next. The colour I’ve chosen is Ink – I own this chinos and they’re remarkably comfortable; the colour is so dark that in some lights they can be mistaken for black, while in others they’re clearly blue – they offer a smart, slim cut while remaining comfortable and relaxed at the same time.

Twelfth Doctor cosplayers will know all too well how difficult it is to find the Dr Martens Affleck boots in a variety of sizes. The main Dr Martens site has them in black in a few sizes, and you may be able to try your luck elsewhere online or in store. Alternatively, a pair of Dr Martens brogue shoes would work well too! Some high street stores are doing their own Doc style shoes lately, so be sure to check your local high street in case you get lucky.

Any black belt will work for this look, this one is from Topman, but whatever you have lying around will work just as well.

Lastly, the ring is once again the Magnoli Clothiers replica. The quality of Magnoli’s products is second to none and this ring would make a welcome addition to any man’s jewellery box. Alternatively, if gold isn’t your colour, I’ve shown this one before from Shaw Things Jewellery and the quality of their work is stunning. I have the smaller version of this ring and I absolutely love it.

What do you reckon to Capaldi’s new look? Would you wear anything like this? Let us know in the comments!


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