#WAYWT: “Tooth & Claw” Ten Look Book

#WAYWT: “Tooth & Claw” Ten Look Book

Following on from my first look book posting (The “Pipe & Slippers” Ten) I wanted
to show you that I purchased the Joe Brown’s trousers featured in that post. They’re slimmer than anticipated but are made from a nice heavy-weight linen IMG_20150919_211745making them a really nice transitional piece.

They look really terrific worn with some batter cream Converse and really help to bring the tenth Doctor to mind.

Rather than go the whole hog and wear a shirt and tie combo with these, I’ve opted today to go for a style inspired by “Tooth & Claw” – we all know that David Tennant wore lots of different shirt/henley and shirt/tie combinations during his time on the show, but this particular look is one of the most popular versions of ten’s more casual look.

I’ve paired my trousers with the cream converse pictured above, along with a grey flannel shirt, brown henley t-shirt, and a navy cable-knit cardigan. Ten’s shirt was actually dark blue and the henley had a grey t-shirt underneath but I’ve switched the colours around to better suit myself.

Tooth & Claw

What do you reckon to the more casual look ten sometimes wore? Would you wear a look similar to this one? Let us know in the comments below!