The “Carnaby Street” Rorschach

The “Carnaby Street” Rorschach

If you follow the blog over on Instagram¬†you may have seen on my story that I recently re-read (for the fifth time no less) the stunning masterpiece that is Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ ‘Watchmen’.

The writing is, of course, absolutely stellar and takes a beautifully dark and gritty look at a world where superheroes exist, yet come with all the murkier parts of their humanity still in tact. Dave Gibbons’ artwork is breathtaking to say the least with a genius use of golden-age line work with some truly inspired colour palettes which really help to breath life into every panel on the page.

Of the two favourite characters I have, Rorschach is perhaps the most simply designed character, but as a result, I feel he’s most effective and most believable character in the book. A dark vigilante with no powers or gadgets (save for his grappling gun, built by former partner Nite Owl) Rorschach has a black and white world view where wrong is wrong and, as a result, must be punished with extreme prejudice.

Rorschach’s now iconic look was, in turn, inspired by a no less iconic comic book character; Steve Ditko’s ‘The Question’. The outfit worn by Rorschach throughout the book is a simple one; pinstripe suit, white scarf, Chelsea boots, trench coat, stingy brim fedora and his eponymous inkblot mask.

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The Thirteenth Doctor: A Concept

The Thirteenth Doctor: A Concept

Welcome to the universe, Jodie Whittaker!DE3naXKWsAE6Dzg.jpg

What an astounding piece of news, the future is female. I’m so thrilled that the show has finally made this step forward and I can’t wait to see what Jodie and Chris do with the show; I think we’re in for a real treat in the coming years and the 13th Doctor will certainly go down in history.

Speculation right now is rife as to what Jodie will do with the role and what sort of bearing her gender will have on the character. She’s already being put through the usual run of the mill questions regarding how it feels to be cast, what she’s excited about, and more importantly, what she’ll wear.

Obviously, I don’t tend to focus on women’s clothes on this blog but with the casting of Jodie I thought I’d turn my hand to designing the Doctor’s new look. Obviously, I’m almost certainly miles off and she could end up in something totally different – but this is just an initial musing on my part…

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The “Off Duty” Bill Nye

The “Off Duty” Bill Nye

So I’ve recently discovered the brilliant Netflix produced “Bill Nye Saves the World” and I flipping love it.

Being an Englishman born and bred, I wasn’t too aware of Nye growing up, he didn’t really grace the screens over here but due to the internet I’ve become increasingly aware of him throughout the last decade or so, and what with appearances on shows like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and Americans’ adoration of the original bow tie bad boy of science, I’d become a fan of Nye’s work by proxy, by cultural osmosis.

So when I saw that Bill Nye was back on screens in a big way this year I was really excited to delve into the show and learn all about small changes and big steps we can all make to help save the world.

In addition to being incredibly informative and entertaining, Bill Nye sports his trademark look throughout the series and it’s pretty clear that few men other than Nye can pull off a bow tie with such a louche attitude.

Combining American collegiate preppiness with a quirky professorial edge, Nye’s personal style is an absolute hallmark of geek culture and it’s a carefully put together look most men would do well to replicate, so without further ado, lets learn how to dress well, look smart, and perhaps (dare I say it) ‘Save the World!’

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Doctor Who Tributes from Mrs Bow Tie

Doctor Who Tributes from Mrs Bow Tie

It was my birthday the other day! I had an amazing time and was spoilt rotten – aside

Yours truly giving it my best “Time Lord Hand” post at the DWE.

from going to Cardiff to visit the Doctor Who experience (which was amazing!) and getting the Wand Company Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (which is awesome!) and having an all round brilliant time, I was lucky enough to get two brand spanking new bow ties from the wonderful Mrs Bow Tie.

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