(Reader Suggestion) Time Differential: Ten to Twelve

(Reader Suggestion) Time Differential: Ten to Twelve

Recently, @DaveceptionYT – a friend of AAWTIS and loyal reader of the blog – got in touch and suggested a Time Differential post combining the looks of the tenth and twelfth Doctors.

Not wanting to disappoint such a stand up chap, I naturally jumped at the chance to come up with a look book to combine these two iconic Time Lords.

Ten to Twelve.jpg

The basic design for this look is taking the shape, silhouette and pieces of Twelve’s ‘Space Hobo’ aesthetic and twisting them to match the colour palette of Ten’s blue suit variant.

The pinstripe jeans are a unisex style from Topshop and are available on eBay. Sadly, these seem to be a one off pair left in the overstocks. Alternatively, a pair of blue (or brown) chinos, either striped or otherwise), would work just as well.

The boots are a fantastic pair of Doc Martens Mayports in canvas twill. These are burgundy, in order to reference Tennant’s deep red converse worn with the blue suit but they also come in cream if you wanted to do a brown suit version of this look book!

The jumper I’ve selected is the blue version of the BooHooMan holey jumper I’ve mentioned before; I own this jumper myself and it’s absolutely fantastic – it’s comfortable, well made, dirt cheap, and makes a great substitute for the Paul Smith original – they’re out of stock in black but the blue works especially well with this colour palette. To go with this, I’ve selected a burgundy long sleeve t-shirt from Topman – the burgundy showing through the holes in the jumper make a neat reference to the rust pinstripe on the screen used suit.

The hoodie is a terrific burgundy version of the Fat Face hoodie I’ve shown before and helps to tie the whole look together.

I’ve chosen a pair of tortoiseshell RayBan wayfarers in order to reference both Ten’s brainy specs and Twelve’s sonic sunglasses – these are available from lots of retailers, but cheaper alternatives are everywhere at the minute so be sure to check your local high street to grab a bargain!

Lastly, the coat featured is a beautiful mash-up of Twelve’s Crombie style with Ten’s overcoat colours; it even has a great blue lining! The coat’s even in the sale at the minute for £150.

What do you reckon? How would you mash up these two styles? Be sure to send in any suggestions or requests via Twitter!


Time Differential: Doctor McFly

Time Differential: Doctor McFly

First of all, allow me to apologise for the somewhat sporadic nature of my posts recently – due to work and other personal factors, I’ve been struggling to find the time to post lately. I’m doing my best to address this and will try to be as consistent as possible, if, however, I don’t post every week, I apologise.

That said, let’s move on to the newest look-book! This time we have a mashup of two hugely influential pop-culture icons. Both are quirky, stylish time travellers with huge cult followings. Marty McFly & The Doctor have been mentioned in the same sentence multiple times before, but here we have a unique combination of their styles which seems to be bang on trend.

Doctor McFly.jpg

The gilet/bodywarmer/vest has become a staple for many men in recent months and has been featured countless times in television, film, and fashion magazines. The current trend is to pair it with more formal tailoring for a cool dressed-down sense of classic tailoring. Continue reading “Time Differential: Doctor McFly”

Time Differential: Five to Eleven

Time Differential: Five to Eleven

Something a little different for you guys this week. Time Differential is a new type of look book where we mash up various combinations of the Doctors’ looks and see what comes out!

This time we’re mixing up two of my personal favourite Doctors. Both the fifth Doctor and the eleventh Doctor have a preppy, heritage inspired look which works well on gents of any age. The younger Doctor Who fan will suit either of these looks in the youthful, collegiate sense, and the older amongst you will pull out the classical, more gentlemanly nature of the look.

Five to Eleven.jpg

While initially this look can seem like a hodge-podge of styles, it’s actually a really comfortable and interesting look. The cooler weather that has finally struck the UK (and to an even greater extent, parts of the US) the use of layering will be a much welcomed wardrobe staple. The structured and heavier shirt underneath a cable-knit cricket jumper will lend a casual yet quirky warmth the whole look. Continue reading “Time Differential: Five to Eleven”