A Good Enough Holey Jumper Substitute

A Good Enough Holey Jumper Substitute

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know about this brilliant substitute for Peter Capaldi’s Paul Smith Holey Jumper I’ve just ordered!mzz79860_blue_xl.jpg

Unfortunately it’s now out of stock in black so I had to order blue, but at £6 it’s fine for me for everyday wear – I might dye it if I can be bothered, but to be honest, the blue looks good enough for me and it’s not really for cosplay so we’ll see how I feel when it arrives!

I bought mine from the BooHoo.com eBay account as it’s £2 cheaper on there than it is on the site and they still have a few sizes available.

If you look on the site, however, some larger sizes are still available in black, so shop around to see what you can find!

Obviously, this one doesn’t have all the details that the screen used jumper does, but it’s definitely a step up from cutting your own holes in a cheap top.

I’ll post some photos of mine when it arrives, but if you’re thinking about getting one, I wouldn’t dawdle with it – I doubt they’ll hang around and I suspect it was Doctor Who fans that caused them to sell out in black!