‘Neigh way, Jose!’ I improvised that line. I mean, it was scripted, but I gave it the ol’ BoJack spin.

Season 4 of the absolutely astounding animated comedy ‘BoJack Horseman’ recently burst onto Netflix and after a day’s worth of heavy bingeing and more coffee and biscuits than I’d care to admit, I’ve watched it all much too soon and now I’m sad there’s no more new episodes to watch.

To placate myself and to satisfy my cravings for BoJack (the character, not the illicit in-universe drug…!) I’ve put together this shockingly effective look-book inspired by the horse-man Horseman!

The Surprisingly Accurate Bojack Horseman.jpg

Being an animated character, BoJack tends to stick to one key look, he only strays away from this simple combo whenever the story requires him to. His outfit consists of a blue sweatshirt, grey blazer, blue jeans, and red trainers.

The sweatshirt, to my eye, is clearly intended to be a cable-knit jumper with the lines and crosses drawn on it meant to represent the knitted pattern. The jumper I’ve selected is this really lovely (and incredibly accurate) one from Cotton Traders.

BoJack’s blazer is clearly worn as a casual item and, as such, I’ve selected a soft grey jacket from River Island in a woven jersey material. Alternatively, a cotton canvas jacket would work extremely well too – any blazer with a casual structure would work well with this look, so long as it’s in a darker shade of grey.

The jeans are slightly trickier as in the show they’re drawn as a more teal sort of colour and, while jeans are available in this kind of shade, they’re inherently loud and less wearable than one might think. As such, I’ve chosen to read them as a pair of light-wash jeans, most likely as a callback to BoJack’s 90’s heyday as a household name. Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave, you could opt for a pair of chinos in a teal colour but personally I’d opt for jeans. The ones shown here are a slim cut and are from Topman.

Lastly, it’s pretty obvious that BoJack’s low baseball sneakers are based on the classic Converse Chuck Taylor Lo so why settle for anything less? Alternatively, you could opt for something quirkier like a pair of PF Flyers but they’re notoriously hard to get old of in the UK and other more modern brands don’t have the same kind of classic style that Converse offers.

As I said, this is a very simple yet effective look that will almost certainly fly under the radar of even the most hardened geek – if you wanted to wear this to a con, however, you could always get a horse mask from the internet to really complete the look!

What do you think to this look? I for one am pretty keen on it and might have to treat myself to that cable-knit jumper before too long… Now where did I leave my bourbon? And clean up your shit, Todd!

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