So I’ve recently discovered the brilliant Netflix produced “Bill Nye Saves the World” and I flipping love it.

Being an Englishman born and bred, I wasn’t too aware of Nye growing up, he didn’t really grace the screens over here but due to the internet I’ve become increasingly aware of him throughout the last decade or so, and what with appearances on shows like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and Americans’ adoration of the original bow tie bad boy of science, I’d become a fan of Nye’s work by proxy, by cultural osmosis.

So when I saw that Bill Nye was back on screens in a big way this year I was really excited to delve into the show and learn all about small changes and big steps we can all make to help save the world.

In addition to being incredibly informative and entertaining, Bill Nye sports his trademark look throughout the series and it’s pretty clear that few men other than Nye can pull off a bow tie with such a louche attitude.

Combining American collegiate preppiness with a quirky professorial edge, Nye’s personal style is an absolute hallmark of geek culture and it’s a carefully put together look most men would do well to replicate, so without further ado, lets learn how to dress well, look smart, and perhaps (dare I say it) ‘Save the World!’

The Off Duty Bill Nye.jpg

In the show Bill often changes between a blazer (or suit jacket) and his trademark baby blue lab coat. When doing experiments Bill is always sure to don the correct lab-safe equipment and when talking to guests or journalists, he’s always suited and booted.

To best combine the two variations of this look, I’ve found a nice slim cut blazer in a similar shade of blue to Nye’s trademark lab coat. The blazer is from Topman and will, unfortunately, feature their super slim, ultra-cropped cut, but if you’re into this style then by all means go for it. Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled for vintage variations, perhaps in linen or seersucker, which will be perfect for the summer months.

I’ve also noticed that Bill seems to favour simple, large scale checks in darker hues when it comes to his suiting. For this, I’ve selected a pair of suit trousers from Burton which feature a beautiful blue on blue Prince of Wales check. Once again, they’re a nice slim fit which Bill also seems to favour, given his slender frame. These are a good starting point, but checks are becoming more and more prevalent in menswear at the minute, so be sure to check your local high-street to see if you can find something more suited to your individual style or preference.

The shirt I’ve selected is a really simple soft cotton oxford shirt from TM Lewin – Bill usually sports a more formally cut shirt than this, but I felt that the softness of the fabric and the preppy detail of a button down collar really suited this particular interpretation of Nye’s classic style.

A nice additional detail I’ve chosen is the Saturn themed lapel pin. Bill often sports the official pin of the Planetary Society (which is an amazing organisation) but the pin is limited edition and seems only available to members of the society, so this cheap and cheerful pin from eBay will have to do for now!

The belt is a simple black formal leather belt from Limehaus but any black leather belt will do, and the shoes are a rather elegant pair of well-shined derbies, again from Burton.

Last, and by no means least, we come to the trademark bow tie. Bill seems to have worn just about every colour and pattern under the sun, so almost any bow tie will do, from stripes, to spots, to chevrons, to paisley, Bill seems to love just about every bow tie he can get his hands on. The main things I’ve noticed is that they seem to almost always be self tie (as any self-respecting gent would choose) and of the larger, fuller variety. I’ve selected a space themed tie from our friends at Mrs Bow Tie, but practically any bow tie would do Bill proud.

And there we have it – you’re now kitted out to go and help save the world! What do you think to this look? Is it something you’d wear on an evening out? Are you a fan of the show? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter!


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