It was my birthday the other day! I had an amazing time and was spoilt rotten – aside

Yours truly giving it my best “Time Lord Hand” post at the DWE.

from going to Cardiff to visit the Doctor Who experience (which was amazing!) and getting the Wand Company Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (which is awesome!) and having an all round brilliant time, I was lucky enough to get two brand spanking new bow ties from the wonderful Mrs Bow Tie.

Burgundy textured bow tie from Mrs Bow Tie intended for my wedding.

I previously bought one of their bow ties with the intention of wearing it for my wedding and, even though I didn’t end up going with it, it’s a beautiful tie and I’m very happy to have it in my collection.

When my both my mum and my dad asked me what I’d like for my birthday, I sent them each a link to a Mrs Bow Tie Doctor Who tribute and was thrilled to find out I’d been bought both!

The two I’d chosen were my two absolute favourite 11th Doctor bow ties; the thyme themed tie featured in multiple episodes including ‘The Bells of St John’, and the ‘copper burn’ tie seen only in ‘The Name of the

‘The Bells of St John’


While the thyme tie is fairly popular, I rarely see fans or cosplayers opting for the ‘copper burn’ tie – perhaps it’s due to being worn only in one episode, perhaps it’s the colour scheme. Either way, it seems to be relatively low in fan rankings! That said, it’s my absolute favourite 11th Doctor tie – there’s just something about that I absolutely adore.

Having received and worn both bow ties now, I can definitely say without a shadow of a doubt that they’re both incredible! I couldn’t be happier and while neither of them are totally SA (they’re not intended to be) they are absolutely stunning.

Thyme Lord

The Thyme Lord tie is beautiful, if a little bit brighter than the screen worn, and I love how it ties – I got this one in standard self tie and looks very close to the cut of the original tie. The texture is very soft and silky while the structure of the tie is firm enough to keep a shape, without looking too rigid or cardboardy.

The Copper Burn variant is also stunning – I got this in their bat wing self tie style in a bid to better replicate the shape of the screen worn tie and I feel it really captures the look. This is less accurate as the original tie was more textured and (apparently!) featured a paisley-esque design. That said, it’s nearly impossible to tell this pattern apart from the copper burn pattern when compared to screen-grabs.

While there’s a great argument for total screen accuracy with regards to cosplay, there’s

‘The Name of the Doctor’


also a large amount to be said for capturing the feel of a piece, costume, or character. This is especially important when it comes to referencing certain looks or silhouettes with everyday clothes – are these ties perfect? No. Are they beautiful accessories at a low price, with incredible craftsmanship, straight from the UK? YES!

I simply can’t recommend Mrs Bow Tie enough and the work the team puts into each and every piece is to be commended. I’ll definitely be ordering with them again, and you should too!


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