So last night I saw ‘Dr Strange’ and was absolutely blown away by it – in my opinion it’s easily the best Marvel movie in a long time – it’s fresh and exciting, while also introducing some new and interesting elements to the MCU canon. Benedict Cumberbatch is stellar in the role and the entire cast shines in a beautifully realised world of sorcery juxtaposed with the ordinary, everyday world in which we normally live.

On top of all of this, the costumes featured are absolutely stunning and Strange himself looks amazing in all of his outfits, from the slick dinner suit worn in the early movements of the picture, to the training garb he wears as he learns his mystic arts, to when he finally dons the clock of levitation and becomes the Dr Strange comic book fans know and love.

The Gap Year Dr Strange.jpg

The look I’ve put together here takes influences from the later costumes worn by Strange, it incorporates elements of his training garb and his hero costume while also adding a preppy “student on a gap year” vibe.

The coat is a slim fit, oriental style with a stand collar – the slight flare and cut away to the front definitely calls to mind both the tunic worn by Strange, and the cloak of levitation. The colour, too, seems pretty spot on for this style of outfit and looks good dressed up or down.

For the shirt, I’ve opted for a grandad collar in order to avoid having a great deal of Western styles in there; a collarless (or grandad collar) looks similar to a Mandarin style and is relatively easy to find on the high street – the deep shade of blue references the numerous blues sported by Dr Strange under his burgundy cloak.

To layer on top of the shirt, I’ve found a beautiful textured shawl collar cardigan; again, the shawl collar and textured panels add to the layered and complex look the original costume has without feeling too stagy. Layers are the best way for stylish men to stay warm in the cooler months and a look like this lends itself to having many different pieces layered together. On colder days, you could even add a scarf in burgundys or blues in order to add another element to the look.

For the trousers, I originally thought of using a pair of harem pants, as they have the suitable fit and feel, but they look decidedly relaxed and, to my eye, would look strange with the relatively structured upper half of the outfit. Instead, I’ve found a pair of pre-distressed jeans in faded black which would work well – the repaired panels add another textured element to the look while simultaneously giving a lived in and worn appearance.

The trainers chosen are a cheap imitation of Kanye Weste’s Yeezy style; it could’ve been my imagination, but I could swear that Strange sported Yeezys during his training at Kamar-Taj. The pair I’ve chosen here are a white and black weave, but they also come in blue/black, red/black, mono/black and other colours – choose one that you prefer for the look! Be warned though, they’re very airy so be sure to wear thick socks.

For the accessories, I’ve chosen two simple pieces, the eye pin was found on Etsy and could be worn on the coat in a reference to Strange’s Eye of Agomotto – alternatively, replicas of the prop are available on eBay relatively inexpensively, so you could always pick one up and wear it as a necklace if you’d prefer.

In place of Strange’s Sling-Ring, I found a simple silver two-finger ring. Annoyingly, I couldn’t find something all too close to the screen-used ring so this had to do. I’d recommend checking high street stores, especially the women’s departments as similar rings with Eastern influences are relatively easy to come by at the minute. You could always pick up two, as Strange wears one on his left hand and one on his right – if you can find an exact replica, it’s an obscure enough costume piece to be able to get away with it for everyday wear – I know I’d like one!

What do you think? Would you wear something inspired by Dr Strange? Let me know! I’ve also decided to not give links in this post as an experiment – let me know what you think – do you prefer to have links? Or are they not that helpful?


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