“I am not a number, I am a free man!” – No. 6

If, like me, you’re eagerly awaiting the cooler months and wishing this abysmal heat would finally dissipate, it might be wise to look forward to some autumn looks comprised of soft silhouettes, textured fabrics, and several layers.

One such look that manages to tread that tricky line between summer and autumn is the aesthetic worn by many of the villagers in 1967’s  ‘The Prisoner‘. Shot on location in seaside village of Portmeirion, the villagers would naturally want to keep warm against the sea breeze while also being able to shed layers or wear breathable fabrics when the climate called for it.

The Prisoner‘ has a passionate cult following but isn’t very well know these days – which is a crying shame as the series is visually rich and wonderfully inventive. I’d really recommend giving it a look.

The Autumn 2016 Number 6.jpg

The style worn by number 6 is relatively unchanged throughout the series, comprised of a boating blazer (the colour of which is hotly debated on internet forums!), a blue turtleneck jumper, some beige chinos, and some navy blue plimsolls.

The preppy simplicity of this look really looks great, even by today’s standards. The style is quintessentially 1960’s but the look can easily be updated by slimming down the silhouette and adding some luxury details to really elevate the otherwise simplistic look.

The boating blazer is a tricky one, as piped jackets for men are hard to come by these days – you can always keep an eye out for a vintage boating blazer, but these can be hit and miss. The jacket presented here is a rather pricey offering from Thom Browne which – even on sale – is a whopping £508!

Instead of royal blue, I’ve opted for a deep, dusty purple colour for the turtleneck. I did this in order to elevate the colour palette away from the beige and blue combination that so dominates the style. This one is by River Island and will certainly make a very wise addition to any autumn or winter wardrobe.

The chinos are, once again, the Next stretch slim fit chinos that I absolutely adore – I own several pairs of these in all different colours and they’re really very comfortable. At only £20 a pair they’re really cost effective as well. The colour chosen for this look is wheat.

The casual simplicity of the navy plimsolls worn by number 6 are best represented by modern day Vans. This particular pair is the Era 59 which features some beautiful brown leather deluxe details that really help to offset the canvas construction of the shoe.

Lastly, I’d accessorise this look with a penny farthing lapel pin. This one was found on eBay and is a subtle way of referencing the badges worn by the villagers.

What do you think to this look? Would you wear anything inspired by ‘The Prisoner‘? What did you think to the series? Let us know in the comments!

xvHAr6.gif“Be seeing you!”

[UPDATE] The American Jack Wills site has this rather splendid boating blazer in a modern cropped fit which really looks the part. It’s even currently on sale! It seems to be missing entirely from the UK site though.



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