A request:

Hello loyal readers and potential stumblers from the internet.

I have a proposal for any and all arty types that may be interested in a collaboration. I’ve been working on a comic book script for a Doctor Who story I’d like to have drawn – I doodle but I’m far from being an artist and would love to work with a talented chap or chappess in bringing the script I’ve written to life.

If you are, or know, a creative arty type person that’d be interested in drawing up some character sketches or a few panels from the comic in the view of sending them to publishers (DWM, Titan Comics, etc.) then please drop me a DM on Twitter (@AAWTIS) and we’ll discuss it further.

This is something a bit out there for me and I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think the script I’ve written is worth working with.

Thanks for your time, and we’ll be back to regular content soon!


Featured image taken from: 
Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor # 11
“Unearthly Things”
Written by: George Mann
Art by: Mariano Laclaustra
Colours by: Luis Guerrero


A good friend of mine, Martyn, has kindly stepped forward to illustrate the comic; with his quirky style and command of colour, he’s definitely the person for the job. He sent me this quick character sketch of the Doctor recently and I absolutely love it. Watch this space!


You can see Martyn’s work and other Geeky things on his YouTube channel.


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