“There’s nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self” – So wrote Ernest Hemingway, and so spoke Harry Hart, aka Galahad when he took young Eggsy under his tutelage in 2015’s ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’.

The film centres around the recruitment and training of a new addition to the roster of Kingsman secret agents. Harry Hart mentors Eggsy and teaches him all the things a true gentleman spy should know, how to be courteous, polite, and deadly. One of the most important aspects of the film is the wardrobe sported by the Kingsman forces and, as such, Matthew Vaughn teamed up with menswear website Mr Porter to develop and sell the pieces seen in the film.

Naturally, these designer and luxury items come in at quite the price, so cheaper alternatives have been found by the eagle eyed fans of the film.

This look breaks down a more casual and cost effective take on the classically British look of the Kingsman agents.

The Casual Kingsman.jpg

As ever, Magnoli Clothiers have done a great deal to aid the attainment of true movie style by creating several incredible replicas of pieces seen in ‘Kingsman’. The first note worthy piece seen in this look-book is the stunning and iconic silk tie. The tie used on screen (and that was subsequently sold on Mr Porter) was by Drakes, a brand with a wonderful British heritage. Sadly, the Kingsman tie is now no longer available and so the Magnoli version (which features an incredible attention to detail) will have to suffice.

My £3 eBay find.

Alternatively, you could try your hand with eBay and see what you can find. I personally nabbed a 100% silk tie in a remarkably similar style recently for only £3. The tie really looks the part and was a real bargain, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you can’t stretch the Magnoli version.

Secondly, the folks over at Magnoli Clothiers have done an absolutely stellar job in replicating the Cutler & Gross Kingsman spectacles. Some people have pointed out that the tortoiseshell colour of these is slightly lighter than the original glasses, but I still think these look absolutely amazing. I’m actually going to order a pair for myself as soon as I can warrant the expense! I’ll be sure to do a full write up once I have a pair of my own.

The two main suits featured in ‘Kingsman’ were the navy chalk-stripe suit, and the Prince of Wales check suit. Both of these featured classical double-breasted styling and were meticulously hand tailored for the film. The pieces featured here are certainly a lot more casual and relaxed, while also taking it easier on your bank balance!

The trousers feature a similar Prince of Wales check and are by Relco. They can be purchased from numerous online retailers, such as eBay.

The navy cashmere jumper selected is by Charles Tyrwhitt and was chosen to call to mind the rich colouring seen on the main ‘Kingsman’ suiting. This jumper will be incredibly soft and warm for the spring season and adds a touch of luxury to an otherwise pretty cost effective look.

The chronograph seen in the film is by Bremont, and at a cool £5000 may well be out of most people’s price range. This Rotary option matches many of the same style beats and even has a similar rose gold colouring. The strap is pretty close, being a dark brown alligator style and has a classic chronograph movement. The bonus of this is that the Rotary is a comparative steal at only £104.

The cufflinks presented are a cheap and basic offering in a rose gold finish. This matches

Daniel Craig sporting cufflinks with a jumper.

the watch and makes for a gentlemanly accessory. Many people would choose a simple barrel cuff when wearing a jumper or cardigan, as the narrower styling fits better under a tight fitting knitted sleeve, however, I personally like the style of the French cuff when worn with knit-wear. Daniel Craig is well known for doing this and I feel it adds a quirky flare to an otherwise refined outfit.

The shoes shown here are an all leather pair of Samuel Windsors in chestnut brown. I actually own these exact shoes and, while not the best shoes ever, are remarkably well made considering the ridiculously low prices they boast on the website. My one word of warning would be to be careful with the sizing as they tend to run a little large, and remember, “Oxfords not brogues”!

Lastly, no Kingsman agent would be caught dead without his trusty (and weaponized) umbrella. Classically styled umbrellas are easy to come by and almost any will suffice for this kind of look; the one shown here is a lovely offering from Moss Bros. The umbrella I use when the need arises is of a very similar style, though much cheaper at only £7 – these can be picked up on Amazon and eBay with relative ease.

Well, what say you? Would you ever wear an outfit inspired by ‘Kingsman’? Let us know in the comments!


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