As the warmer months approach it’s perhaps prudent to start thinking of ways of displaying fashionably geeky tendencies while remaining suitably cool.

I’ve addressed this issue by offering spring-time Doctor inspired outfits such as my fifth Doctor inspired looks (here, and here) and my seventh Doctor look-book. Alternatively, stylish printed t-shirts are an ever-popular way of remaining comfortable yet nerdy at the same time.

While some men may opt for brazen slogans or other such obvious tactics, I’ve found that a more subtle print can be cooler and less brash than some offerings. For instance, in a follow on from my ‘Elementary’ influenced Sherlock Holmes look-book, I’ve had two t-IMG_20160227_151914.jpgshirts printed to emulate two of the most popular shirts worn by Jonny Lee Miller on the

The first shirt I had printed was this ‘The End’ tee. I had this printed on a bright red, super-soft cotton tee and I must admit I’m really thrilled with the result. I don’t claim to have created the artwork (which I found by Googling ‘Elementary Sherlock Holmes The End T Shirt’) but I’m really satisfied with the way this looks.

The other Sherlock Holmes t-shirt I got printed is the “I am not Lucky, I am Good” shirt made popular by the original ‘Elementary’ pilot. This shirt looks like it was originally a pale yellow on-screen, but I opted for a ‘natural’ off-white shade as I find yellow can be a difficult colour to wear. Again, I found the artwork via Googling ‘Elementary Sherlock IMG_20160302_112855.jpgHolmes I am not Lucky I am Good T Shirt’ – I’m also really happy with this one, though it’s slightly less stylish than the ‘The End’ shirt.

These are great layered over a long sleeve henley and I often pair them with casual outfits as they make for a comfortable and relaxed outfit. They’re perfect for those days when I don’t want to try too hard with my look, while also showing my subtle geek pride.

The last t-shirt I want to showcase here is from IMG_20160226_195842.jpgthe world of comic books. I’m a huge comic book fan and have been my entire life so naturally, I like to show that love through t-shirts. My fiancĂ© and I are currently hooked on the current Marvel ‘Spider-Gwen’ series and so I designed and ordered these his & hers ‘The Mary Janes’ t-shirts. I really love the way this looks and makes for a cool punk-rock kind of influence.

All of these shirts were printed by the brilliant Street Shirts and I must say I’m always immensely impressed by the world they do – the products are amazingly high quality and the turn-around time is incredibly short. If you’re looking to get some t-shirts printed for whatever reason, I’d strongly recommend them.

Do you own many geeky t-shirts? Is there anything you’re thinking of getting printed? Let us know in the comments!


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