First of all, allow me to apologise for the somewhat sporadic nature of my posts recently – due to work and other personal factors, I’ve been struggling to find the time to post lately. I’m doing my best to address this and will try to be as consistent as possible, if, however, I don’t post every week, I apologise.

That said, let’s move on to the newest look-book! This time we have a mashup of two hugely influential pop-culture icons. Both are quirky, stylish time travellers with huge cult followings. Marty McFly & The Doctor have been mentioned in the same sentence multiple times before, but here we have a unique combination of their styles which seems to be bang on trend.

Doctor McFly.jpg

The gilet/bodywarmer/vest has become a staple for many men in recent months and has been featured countless times in television, film, and fashion magazines. The current trend is to pair it with more formal tailoring for a cool dressed-down sense of classic tailoring.

This style is what we’re shooting for here: McFly’s classic orange puffer vest worn underneath a Doctor-esque tweed jacket will make for a warm, yet cool, style statement. The vest featured is a cheap eBay find – the listing says it’s for women, though the style is pretty androgynous – alternatively, have a Google around and see what you can find. I found my orange vest for 99p on eBay!

Image from


The tweed jacket has been featured before and is a rather pricey offering from Joules. If your budget can stretch to £195 I’d recommend this one as Joules make beautiful clothes and this one comes pre-fitted with elbow patches! Bonus!

As ever when it comes to tweed jackets I’d strongly urge you to check out your local vintage and charity shops to see what you can find – I picked up my favourite Harris Tweed jacket for just £18 so keep your eyes peeled!

The shirt is a deliberate callback to Marty’s windowpane checked number sported in the first Back to the Future movie. This one, unlike McFly’s, features long sleeves and a slightly softer material. It’s available from New Look for only a tenner.

I’ve chosen a pair of G-Star jeans in black. These feature a nice slim cut and are the same brand as Matt Smith’s on-screen costume jeans. These aren’t the same model as the Doctor Who jeans, but feature a lot of similar details – turn the hems of the jeans up and you’ll be ready to fly through time and space. They’re available from Asos for £80.

Marty McFly is well known to have worn Nike Bruins during the course of the BTTF saga. His red and white low-tops become the stuff of legend for many BTTF fans and it’s incredibly difficult to find a pair which captures the real spirit of the originals. That said, I’ve chosen a pair of burgundy hi-top Nike Blazers to compliment the colours of this outfit. Of course, you could always find low-tops or a pair of boots if you prefer.

These Blazers are from Sole Trader Outlet and are listed as women’s, however, again the style is androgynous so if you can find a pair in your size, go for it!

I’ve also selected a knitted burgundy bow tie to go with this outfit – this one’s from Debenhams but if you didn’t fancy that, you could always just forego the neckwear.

To match the shoes and bow tie (and to reference both original costumes) I’ve chosen a pair of marl burgundy braces from River Island – these are a must for any self respecting 11th Doctor fan!

Lastly, I’ve tried to call to mind both the Doctor’s gold watch, and Marty McFly’s quintessential 80’s digital number. This Casio seems to combine the best elements of both and really ties the entire look together…

So what do you think? Would you ever wear anything inspired by two franchises? Let us know in the comments!


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