Something a little different for you guys this week. Time Differential is a new type of look book where we mash up various combinations of the Doctors’ looks and see what comes out!

This time we’re mixing up two of my personal favourite Doctors. Both the fifth Doctor and the eleventh Doctor have a preppy, heritage inspired look which works well on gents of any age. The younger Doctor Who fan will suit either of these looks in the youthful, collegiate sense, and the older amongst you will pull out the classical, more gentlemanly nature of the look.

Five to Eleven.jpg

While initially this look can seem like a hodge-podge of styles, it’s actually a really comfortable and interesting look. The cooler weather that has finally struck the UK (and to an even greater extent, parts of the US) the use of layering will be a much welcomed wardrobe staple. The structured and heavier shirt underneath a cable-knit cricket jumper will lend a casual yet quirky warmth the whole look.

The jumper, which is a clear reference to the fifth Doctor’s staple costume, is by Gant and can currently be picked up in the January sales for only £47.50 – of course, there are cheaper alternatives out there; search eBay for “mens cricket jumper” and you’ll be sure to find something to fit your budget. Alternatively, Lovarzi do a screen accurate fifth Doctor jumper for only £39.99!

The gingham shirt picks up colours from both the eleventh and fifth Doctors’ costumes and adds an element of colour to what could otherwise be quite a flat outfit. The check is a slightly more out-there pattern than would be expected but helps to tie the whole look together. This one is by Savile Row Co. but as ever, cheaper options are readily available in high-street stores. Of course, you could always try your favourite shirt with this look and see how you like it.

While Matt Smith’s on-screen jeans were always black, we’ve selected a dark indigo raw denim from H&M. This is because black jeans can look a little drab, especially when paired with such a light jumper – if worn in the classic eleventh Doctor style of rolling up the hems to the top of your boots then these will definitely make for a stylish call-back to the eleventh Doctor’s silhouette.

The jeans are only £19.99 and, as I own a pair myself, I can attest to the high quality and comfortable fit. They’re slimmer, like Smith’s jeans, and make for a great “everyday” trouser. They’re also available in loads of different colours and fades, so why not try and mix it up a bit?

In addition to these jeans, we’ve added a pair of grey marl braces – these are a similar style to the eleventh Doctor’s preferred method of trouser retention and, while they won’t be seen underneath your jumper, will help to add a nerdy detail to the outfit. Of course, if ever you remove the jumper, you’ll be able to show off just how cool your braces are! These ones are by River Island.

Instead of the fifth Doctor’s all-white leather trainers, we’ve selected a pair of light grey Nike Blazers. These are a really cool and comfortable style of trainer which, though similar in overall shape to Davison’s on-screen trainers, are a much trendier alternative. They’re available from loads of high-street stores, but can be found at Zalando for £70.

Lastly, the tweed jacket, which is perhaps a best described as a mix of Smith’s series 5 fabric, with the series 6, three-button styling, is by White Stuff. High-street stores are beginning to stock tweed in a big way these days and so finding a style you like shouldn’t prove too difficult. The Warwick blazer is a fetching shade of dark green (unlike Smith’s brown colour palette) which will pair nicely with the dark blue of the chosen jeans. It’s currently on sale for £95, which any tweed fan will tell you is a bargain!

What do you think of this look? How often to mix and match the Doctors’ wardrobe? Let us know in the comments, or get in touch via Twitter!


3 thoughts on “Time Differential: Five to Eleven

  1. i love the ivy league preppy professor cant be worn in so many different ways ..could you do a little modern take on the white guardians look ..sort of english deep-south colonial look ?


    1. Hi Colin,

      Thanks for your comment! I think I should be able to do something regarding the White Guardian’s look… Leave it with me…!


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