In 2013 Doctor Who fans were treated to a sight many thought they’d never see again, Paul McGann on-screen again as the eighth Doctor. He appeared as the titular Time Lord in the prequel to the 50th anniversary special entitled “Night of the Doctor”.

McGann’s costume in the special was a revamped and militarised take on his foppishly Edwardian costume from the 1996 TV movie. While many of the details were similar to the original screen-worn costume, much had been added to tell the story of the eighth Doctor’s journey throughout the Time War.

Including a more relaxed pair of trousers, military gaiters and some beaten up brown boots, the eighth Doctor was re-imagined as a man of action, an incarnation of the Doctor who had grown weary of the Time War and the endless suffering his people were having to endure.

Bowing out on the planet Karn, the eighth Doctor regenerated in the War Doctor (as played by John Hurt) and the last remnants of the dandyish look were soon cast aside.

The Military Man Eight.png

Military practicality has always had a very positive impact on men’s fashion and this look is no different. The hard wearing materials and muted colour palette will help most men to feel warm, comfortable, and ready for action. The traditional tailoring featured on many military garments are also designed to exaggerated the male form, making waists narrower, shoulders broader, and chests stronger. The use of heavy structure and meticulous detail creates garments that will not only last a long time, but out-perform their high-street counterparts every time.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in our look book from McGann’s costume is that we’ve ditched the velvet frock coat in favour of a less foppish and infinitely more wearable great coat. This style of coat has been favoured by countless heroes, fictional or otherwise, and the heavy wool construction makes for an incredibly hard-wearing and reliable coat that’ll keep you warm and stylish.

Military great coats are available from a great number of army surplus dealers. This exact model is from Etsy seller ChevaldeGuerre for the ridiculously low price of £40! Be sure to check local surplus stores, along with charity shops and eBay as bargains can always be had for these types of coat. The style has been copied by many high class brands, but the quality is never quite as high as the real deal.

The waistcoat is one that’s been featured before; the White Stuff Jermyn Waistcoat is a beautiful light-brown moleskin and features an incredibly high quality of tailoring for a high street brand. McGann’s waistcoat was a much fancier velvet number which featured a great deal of pattern and flash but this would look incongruous with the rest of this specific look.

The jeans presented here are a lovely Paul Smith pair in a slim fit with a reddish brown colouring. Any pair of brown jeans would do, but we’d recommend a slimmer fit with rolled hems in order to better match and show off the boots. These jeans are currently on sale for only £55!

The belt selected, though dissimilar to the one worn by McGann in the episode, calls to mind the same rugged military practicality that became a staple of the later period of the 8th Doctor. It features a simple D ring closure and khaki canvas construction. It can be picked up on eBay for a mere £3.99.

The boots chosen are a beautifully textured pair by Farah. They feature EVA foam soles and make for a comfortable all-round boot. The colour listed is Oxblood, but in truth they’re more of a chestnut brown – while they feature an overall military style, the chunky yet soft soles create a more rebellious and unique feel. They’re currently on sale for the low price of £55.

The neckerchief worn by McGann in the special is either black or dark navy and is worn tucked under the off-white shirt. The bandana chosen for this look book is a navy and white paisley pattern from New Look Men and is only £2.99!

Pair all of this with an off-white shirt and wear it with the collar resting on top of the coat’s lapels and you’ll instantly call to mind the vintage military style of the eighth Doctor in “Night of the Doctor”!

What do you think of this look? Would you wear something like this? Let us know in the comments!


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