A very happy new year to all of the loyal AAWTIS readers! I’m terribly sorry to say that, due to illness, I haven’t been able to assemble a full look-book for this week.

That said, I have been able to assemble this micro-update for you, following on from the Elementary inspired look-book we posted a couple of weeks ago.


If you follow AAWTIS on Twitter, you may remember that I recently

Elementary Collage.jpg
My Orange/Green Scarf (Left) & Miller’s Red/Grey Scarf (Right)

acquired the Paul Smith reversible scarf seen in the earlier episodes of the show, but in what appears to be a different colour configuration. The scarf in the show is a red and grey buffalo plaid whereas mine is an orange and green buffalo.

From my research, it seems that Paul Smith Jeans only released the two variants of this scarf.

If you’re looking to pick up one of these, it’s wise to try your luck on eBay, as I found mine on there and managed to snatch it up for a measly £9.99.

350516441D3The coat pictured is a relatively inexpensive New Look Men coat which, though originally priced at a very reasonable £59.99, is now on sale for £24! If you’re in the UK, I’d highly recommend picking one up as it’s a terrific coat and looks amazing dressed up or down.

While it offers many similar details to Miller’s on-screen coat, it’s by no means the same. It’s a very slim cut, especially in the arms, but offers a great degree of comfort and durability for very little money.

The pin I wear on my lapel in this image is one that was given to me as a Christmas gift and, while it’s not at all like the pin worn by Holmes in the show, it’s much more personal to me and gives the look a more realistic and everyday feel.

Lapel pins are a brilliant way to dress up your everyday coat so keep your eyes peeled for ones you like or have a special connection to you.

What do you reckon? Would you wear something like this? Let us know in the comments!


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