There’s very little we can add to what we’ve already said about the tenth Doctor’s costume. Having featured not one but two distinctly different lookbooks inspired by David Tennant’s portrayal of the iconic character, it’s perhaps best we let you seek those out in order to read our previous thoughts on the costume.

That said, the tenth Doctor’s style is perhaps the easiest to steal in so much as it’s a good smart/casual everyday look which can be modified and accessorised to suit your needs.

The blue variation of Tennant’s iconic look is a firm fan favourite and is one of the most interesting colour-ways to base a look on. This is due, in part, to the use of vivid blue mixed with deep reds and rust tones. The use of brown in the classic overcoat also roots this look in a wintery setting while also remaining versatile enough to be worn throughout the cooler months.

The Christmas 2015 Ten.jpg

Christmas is a perfect excuse to dress up and this look adds an element of rakish attitude to an otherwise semi-formal getup.

The trousers are slightly more formally cut than Tennant’s suit trousers but feature a rich blue colour and a subtle pinstripe. The fact that they’re chinos also means they can be worn, washed, and lived in with very little care or maintenance. These are available through Mango and can be found here.

The steel blue blazer will pair nicely with the darker blue of the chinos without looking too “matchy-matchy” – the last thing you want is to look like you’re trying to make a suit out of two totally separate pieces of clothing. The slim cut of this New Look blazer and the coarse-yet-soft knitted texture means you look smart while feeling comfortable.

The use of a burgundy shirt is deliberate. The deep, rich colour will tie the outfit together while also making the palette a warmer, more luxurious one. Christmas is a time for being comfortable and using elegant colours to match the season – this Burton shirt is no exception!

The tie chosen is perhaps most similar to the Kenzo tie sported by Tennant on the show, but the rich, plum detail on a navy base will also call to mind many of the blue suit ties favoured by the Time Lord. This one is by Moss Bros. but a screen accurate Kenzo tie can be purchased through the wonderful Magnoli Clothiers.

The Converse selected are the recently released Chuck Taylor All Star II’s in burgundy. I own a pair of these exact trainers in black and I must say they’re by far the comfiest trainers I’ve come across in a long while. The use of modern Nike technology and streamlined styling makes these a wonderful take on a classic design. These are available through lots of retailers, such as Office. They even come with a spare pair of white laces if you prefer the contrast!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is the overcoat. Tennant’s on-screen coat has become the stuff of legend – a measure by which all other coats are judged. Thankfully, similar styles are becoming more and more popular currently and many high-street stores carry camel coloured overcoats in lots of different cuts, lengths, and shapes.

This one by H&M is a slightly different colour and a single-breasted cut, but layered over the whole look, it’ll be an unmistakably Time Lord influence! There are loads of these coats out there at the minute so be sure to hit your local high street to see what you can find!

What do you think to this look? Would you wear this to a Christmas party? Let us know in the comments!


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