Chances are that if you like Doctor Who, you like the BBC’s Sherlock. Adapted by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock saw a modern update for Arthur Conan Doyle’s super sleuth.

With Benedict Cumberbatch in lead role as the titular Holmes, the series premièred to rave reviews and earned a justifiably huge fan base.

The fact that two highly-regarded Doctor Who alums were behind the creation of the programme may have had an impact on the viewership as much as it did the overall quality of the show – the inventiveness with which the stories were modernised and updated made for a refreshing and unique viewing experience and made Sherlock a televisual sensation.

Naturally, parallels were made with Doctor Who and there are certainly plenty of similarities; after all, for a long time people have referred to Doctor Who as “Sherlock Holmes in space”, (a claim Moffat hotly denies) so it seems natural that Doctor Who fans will be similarly enamoured with the chaps at 221B Baker St.

The look of Holmes was handled in a uniquely tasteful and original way. By completely modernising the setting the costume department had to ensure that Cumberbatch looked thoroughly up to date, while simultaneously exuding the quirkiness and eccentricity connected to the much beloved character of Sherlock Holmes.

By outfitting Holmes in a slim fitting black suit, open collared shirt and simple black shoes, the designers managed to streamline the character – it’s in the outwear where see the affectations of the character come out. The heavily woven Belstaff coat calls to mind the classic tweed ensemble favoured by the literary Holmes and the scarf and gloves add more depth and colour to the outfit.

The Weekend Off Sherlock Holmes

The ensemble presented here will lend the wearer a very similar silhouette and colour palette to work with, without feeling too costume or stagey. The important thing about Sherlock’s wardrobe is his penchant for slimming shapes and muted colours; two factors included in this lookbook.

While Holmes’ suits often appear to be flat black, in some high-res photos, a suit worn by Holmes appears to be a very narrow (or ‘pin’) corduroy. The trousers shown here, though less formal than Cumberbatch’s screen-worn suits, are a similar pin-cord chino in a flattering slim fit. They’re available through H&M and are currently on sale.

Alternatively, a plain black pair of suit trousers or chinos would work just as well. I own several pairs of these Next chinos and they’re remarkably comfortable and well made, especially considering the low price.

While Holmes’ costume remains relatively unchanged throughout his adventures, the one item of clothing that varies is his shirt. Having worn various colours, from navy, to burgundy, to purple, to pale blue, Holmes seems to own a wide variety of shirts in rich colours and slim fits.

The shirt selected for this lookbook is from Burton and features a beautiful deep burgundy colour. Burton also offer a selection of richly coloured shirts, including this beautiful blue option.

Sherlock’s shoes seem quite basic at first glance, but upon closer inspection they have a very distinct profile which clearly shows them to be a high-quality shoe. The shoes selected for this look are a beautiful pair of Loakes. Though pricey, the sharp simplicity of them will definitely suit a pared down look similar to that of the great detective. If, however, they’re a little rich for your blood, check out this pair by Office. While much cheaper, they feature a similar silhouette to the screen worn pair – obviously the quality won’t be anywhere near as good as more expensive shoes, but they’ll certainly look the part!

In place of the suit jacket Holmes usually sports in the show, we’ve selected a soft and lightweight merino wool jumper with a polo collar. A jumper with a collar (or lapels) makes a nice, relaxed substitute for a jacket or blazer and adds another warming layer. This one is by Linea and is available through House of Fraser. Worn over the shirt with a couple of the buttons undone, this will really help to tie the whole look together.

Alternatively, a plain or shawl collared cardigan would work well – just try some different pieces and wear something that works for you. Comfort and confidence are key.

Sherlock’s gloves are soft leather in a classic style. These cashmere lined lambskin offerings from Jasmine Silk will make a welcome addition to any man’s winter 6_ways_to_wear_scarf_GM_city_slicker_02wardrobe.

The scarves worn by Sherlock throughout his on-screen adventures vary from series to series, but they’re always blue and knotted around his neck in the style seen here.

This one is an eBay find which seems to have been removed recently. However, a pashmina styled scarf in a similar shade of blue will do the trick just as nicely. This one, for example, is a beautiful example of how cheaply you can find a similar scarf.

My pashmina style scarf from Accessorize. It's incredibly soft and comfortable and looks better with wear. Pictured with burgundy shirt & black pin-cord jacket.
My pashmina style scarf from Accessorize. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable and looks better with wear. Pictured with burgundy shirt & black pin-cord jacket.

Keep your eye out in local high-street stores, as in the cooler months scarves will become easier and easier to come by. I found my “close enough” scarf in a local branch of Accessorize – a shop that specialises in ladies jewellery and accessories – but hey, a scarf’s a scarf!

Coats of a similar style to Sherlock’s are notoriously difficult to come across. This one isn’t nearly as long or as textured as Holmes’ on-screen coat, but has a similar feel if viewed from a distance. Featuring a belted back and charcoal wool, this offering from New & Lingwood captures a very similar essence to Sherlock’s coat.

Alternatively, cheap coats of a similar style are becoming increasingly available through the Asian market. Though I can’t attest to the quality of these coats, it can’t be denied that they look very striking!

So what do you think to this lookbook? Would you wear it? Are you a fan of Sherlock? Let us know in the comments!

aadadwEdit: We neglected to mention Holmes’ watch! The on screen watch is a beautifully simple Rotary GS-02424-21 on a black leather strap. This exact watch is still available from a variety of retailers and is on sale here.  If, however, that’s too much for you, Sekonda do a couple of similar styles; this one is on sale for £30 and this one is on eBay, brand new, for only £15!


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