“Who really composed Beethoven’s fifth?”

Last night’s episode of Doctor Who saw the return of the Doctor’s Yamaha guitar – he used this to illustrate his point about the bootstrap paradox (Google it!) which then led into an impressive, rocky rendition of the Doctor Who theme.

Say what you like about the Doctor breaking the fourth wall, it’s definitely a cool scene which we here at AAWTIS absolutely loved – here’s me paying homage to the scene by playing a quick couple of bars in an Instagram video.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice I’m wearing a holey jumper similar to Capaldi’s (but nowhere near as nice!) this was done by snipping some holes in a 99p charity shop jumper – a cheap but effective way to capture the look Capaldi is so fond of! A word to the wise though, the holes will tend to fray after a while so it might be wise to invest in a longer-term option if you plan on wearing yours regularly.

Full post is, as always, going live on Tuesday!


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