For many fans of a certain age, Tom Baker’s wild-eyed fourth Doctor will always be the definitive article. More alien than any of his predecessors, the fourth Doctor had the manic expression of someone truly otherworldly; from his distinctive voice to his natty dress sense, the fourth Doctor was certainly a force to be reckoned with. It’s unsurprising that to this very day, the long scarf and bohemian bouffant is still inexorably linked with the Doctor Who brand.

While many people think they know what the fourth Doctor wore, many are stumped beyond his trade mark scarf and fedora hat. This may be due, in part, to the the ever changing nature of the Doctor’s costume. Indeed, the third Doctor too had dozens of costume variants and, as such, is remembered more for an overall “style” than one specific look. In his earlier episodes, Tom Baker sported a more professorial sense of style than his later, more flamboyant costumes.

Initially, the costume comprised of the care-worn hat (a forest green long-hair Herbert Johnson), the classic striped scarf, a neckerchief, a white shirt, an argyle cardigan, a pair of tweed trousers, a pair of sturdy brogues, and a burgundy corduroy safari style jacket.

Though this would change later on in the fourth Doctor’s tenure, this is often considered the original and, thus, the best.

The Autumn 2015 Four

The pieces selected here will certainly give an otherworldly aura to the wearer, without looking too out of place in the bustling city centre. The thinking behind this was to slim down the silhouette and keep the overall “feel” of the outfit from being too over the top.

The impression this look will give is of someone who is fashion-forward, if a little eccentric! You can also wear this without the hat, if you’re uncomfortable in such a daring accessory.

Firstly, the cardigan selected is not argyle (as Baker’s original was) but is instead a beautiful fairisle pattern. This choice was to avoid the “grandad” connotation that argyle can bring to mind and to help the entire outfit stay on trend. This particular cardigan is by Dockers though others will become increasingly available over the coming months. Alternatively, you can wear your favourite cardigan providing it has some sort of earth-tone running through it’s colour scheme.

Next up, we have the grey textured flannel-like trousers from H&M. The key thing with trousers for this outfit is that they have some sort of texture or third dimension to them – a pair of regular grey suit trousers simply won’t cut it so it’s important to keep an eye out for flannel or tweed, as they’ll give the best effect. The ones presented here are a slimmer cut and will help to plant this outfit firmly in the twenty first century!

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of any ensemble are the shoes. These particular shoes are a pair of beautifully grained leather brogues from Burton. The ones Baker wore seem to be a darker brown, but I personally feel tan leather works really well with the earthy colours of the outfit and will help to tie everything together. Most men will probably have a pair of brogues in their wardrobe already and autumn is the perfect season to break out your more rugged shoes!

The fedora featured here is inexpensive and calls to mind the original hat worn in the show. However, this isn’t a particularly high option, and better options are available from hat-makers like Christy’s and Lock & Co. However, if you’re after a cost-effective option to only be worn on occasion, then this one by Accessory O will certainly please your head and your wallet!

I did away with the neckerchief here, as they’re incredibly hard to pull off and can often look incredibly dandy. In it’s place is a burgundy knitted tie, though this can be replaced by a colour (or tie) of your choice. I feel burgundy works well with the colour palette presented here, but feel free to play around! This tie is by Matalan and is inexpensive enough to make a welcome addition to any gentleman’s tie rack.

The cord blazer is a stunning example from White Stuff. I own several pieces from this company and I’m always thrilled with the quality. While Baker’s original jacket was a much louder colour, I feel that this soft brown jacket will make for a much more wearable everyday jacket. The patch pockets on this design call to mind the functional safari cut of Baker’s original while allowing this to be worn to work or to a party without looking out of place. The best thing about corduroy is that, on top of it’s warming qualities in the autumn, it’s remarkably comfortable and looks better, the more worn in it gets.

The watch chosen here is a simple Asos own brand offering which looks smart while also adding a certain level of class to the overall look. While the Doctor rarely wears a watch, I find it near impossible to willingly leave the house without one strapped to my wrist, so if you’re like me it’d be wise to invest in something of a similar style to this one as it’s remarkably versatile.

Last but not least, the scarf. Again, an Asos offering, this one foregoes the striped pattern of the on-screen original in favour of a more on-trend Aztec pattern. This one measures 200cm in length and will look great when bunched up and draped over your neck, under the blazer. Long scarves are becoming increasingly easy to find these days, so keep your eyes peeled for one you love as you’ll find it a reliable companion over the coming cooler months.

What do you think to this look? Let me know in the comments and be sure to share your favourite Doctor Who inspired looks!


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