The tenth Doctor’s style created an entirely new generation of men who may well still be looking to replicate David Tennant’s signature Doctor Who style.

His look on the show was comprised of a custom, slim fitting brown suit which featured a mixture of elements: the cut and four button closure call to mind the British mod movement, while the belt back and welted breast pocket gave it the vintage air of the golden age of Hollywood.

The fabric was unique, and any Doctor Who fan worth their salt knows that the suit was cut from several pairs of GAP trousers that David Tennant was particularly fond of.

In addition to this, the suit was paired with plain coloured shirts, usually white, pale blue, or navy (though occasionally grey was used) and a pair of care-worn off-white Converse trainers sand shoes. The ties the tenth Doctor wore have been widely researched and well documented by the ever-impressive Steve Ricks and you can click here to read more about them. The long and short of it is that the ties had a base colour of brown, with overlaying patterns of light blue to pick out the pinstripe of the suit.

To cap off the look, the tenth Doctor wore an ankle-length overcoat made of a moleskin like fabric. The story goes that costume designed Louise Page used a fabric which was designed to cover upholstery which gives the coat a really interesting and unique drape.

The Pipe & Slippers Ten

Those who are looking to replicate and reference the classic tenth Doctor look will be aware that an original pair of GAP trousers, such as those worn by Tennant on the show, are like hens’ teeth and often sell for a pretty penny when they do crop up on eBay from time to time. However, the Joe Browns trousers that I’ve presented with this look are a happy alternative as they’re a similar colour and feature a distinctive pinstripe, though the stripe on these are white, not cornflour blue.

The shirt I’ve selected is a cost-effective Burton brand smart shirt with a slimmer fit. The pale blue shirt is an essential wardrobe staple and you’ll find that you’ll get a lot of use out of one if you decide to go for it. Naturally, more expensive options are available to you and if you want some more luxury in your wardrobe, you can try an number of online retailers such as Moss Bros. or Charles Tyrwhitt. The essential thing to remember when emulating the relaxed and slouchy style of ten is that you must never fasten your collar button – doing so creates an air of formality which the tenth Doctor simply wouldn’t appreciate and it detracts from the overall louche attitude of the outfit.

The tie pictured is the slimmer version of the tie David Tennant wore in “The Day of the Doctor” and, at the time of writing, it’s currently available for £7! A real bargain – grab one while you can and wear it with nerdy pride. If you’re looking to stock up on tenth Doctor style ties, the key thing to remember is: base of brown, pattern with blue. Simple!

The waistcoat is moleskin and was selected to call to mind the coat favoured by the tenth Doctor and works really well when paired with the rest of this look. This particular waistcoat is by Peter Christian and is a little pricier than may be ideal, but moleskin waistcoats are so comfortable and versatile that they practically pay for themselves. That said, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, be sure to check eBay and local high-street stores – I personally have one from White Stuff and I absolutely love it. If you’re lucky you may even find one on sale!

The chunky cardigan is by Mango and is as close to a cornflour blue as I could find at the moment. This colour was chosen to call to mind the pinstripe on Tennant’s original suit and is a happy compromise for the white stripe on the Joe Browns trousers. The cardigan is currently on sale and looks great when thrown over the waistcoat, giving the outfit a really relaxed and comfortable look for Autumn.

The sand shoes chosen are as close to the on screen originals as can be found at the moment, given that they’re very, very close in colour and are by Converse All Star. They’re readily available online and can be found on Amazon with relative ease. There’s some debate amongst fans as to whether Tennant wore “Optical White”, “Off White, or “Cream” Chuck Taylors, but I prefer the cream. The main thing to remember is to live in them, get them good and mucky, and don’t worry too much about keeping them looking nice. Cheaper options are readily available in stores such as Primark and online through eBay and other online merchants.

The glasses are somewhat similar to Tennant’s on screen pair, but closer matches are available from online sites such as Magnoli Clothiers (who also do replicas of most of the Doctor’s wardrobe!) – the pair pictured are from a company called Direct Sight and they offer lots of similar styles relatively inexpensively.

Wear this look and call to mind the relaxed style of the tenth Doctor. What do you think to this outfit? Is there anything you’d change?

Feel free to share your favourite Doctor inspired outfits!


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