Hall13doctorsello and welcome to this first introductory post on “An Adventure With Ties In Space” – this blog is a bit of fun designed to give you inspiration for looks and outfits inspired by the Doctor.

Whether your favourite incarnation is Hartnell, Baker, the other Baker, McGann, Tennant, or Capaldi (or any of the others!) you’ll be sure to find, over the coming months, something to inspire you in
your day to day life. The whole notion of this blog is to give ideas and inspiration about how to subtly take certain styles, items, or motifs from the Doctor’s wardrobe and incorporate them into something new, unique, and yet still 100% rebel Time Lord.

I must point out now that this isn’t a cosplay blog and will not be overly concerned with screen accuracy – if you want something more instructional in how to attain the exact look of an incarnation of the Doctor, do try out the RPF.

The idea behind this blog is that Doctor Who fans love to emulate what their favourite on-screen hero says, does, and most importantly, wears. This will allow you to pick up certain pieces and style tips that make you feel a little more Doctory than you did before, and if that’s not a good thing, I don’t know what is.

Doctor Who inspired outfits can give you a really interesting and unique sense of style, while remaining grounded in something we all know and love. The best part about the Doctor’s dress sense is that he tends to stick towards classic silhouettes of men’s fashion – which, luckily for us, makes it easier to emulate!

Check back soon for the first full post on the subject wherein I’ll be giving links, tips and tricks for obtaining some true Time Lord style.

Alons y!


3 thoughts on ““The Cockamamie Hair… The Clothes Designed By a First-Year Fashion Student.”

    1. Thanks mate! That was the whole notion behind the blog; a way to capture the look and feel of any particular Doctor without it looking like a cosplay! Thanks for your kind words!


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